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FUNimation Preorders for My-HiME and My-Otome Blu-Rays are HERE!

Posted on 16 October, 2017 at 17:45



Preorders are now open for the ENTIRE Mai-HiME/Otome franchise on Blu-Ray! All three DVD/Blu-Ray sets will be released on [b]January 9th, 2018[/b]. But! You can order them all today! Below are descriptions from FUNimation's official website, beautiful screen shots of the box art for each set (front and back covers) and a click directly taking you to FUNimation's site so you can preorder away!



My-Hime: The Complete Series - BD/DVD Combo


Mai Tokiha thought she had enough trouble in life between taking care of her ailing brother and transferring to a new school. But when she saves a mysterious girl wielding a sword, everything changes. A power awakens within her and she becomes a HiME, a battle princess! But she’s not alone with this power—eleven other girls share her fate, and the burden is a heavy one.





My-Otome: The Complete Series - BD/DVD Combo


While traveling the world in search of her mother, Arika Yumemiya stumbles upon Windbloom Kingdom where a new dream awaits her. Here, the academy of Garderobe turns girls into powerful warriors known as Otome—and Arika wants in! But becoming an Otome could be more than she bargained for. Dangers and secrets await as she chases her new destiny!





My-Hime My-Otome Zwei + My-Otome Sifr - OVA Collection - BD/DVD Combo


Discover more about the power of Otome in two exciting OVAs. After the battle of Windbloom, Arika and her friends face another threat when a strange new creature appears. In the sub-only prequel, catch a new story where the powers of HiME and Otome combine, and Arika and Nina’s mothers have their own adventure!







I have preordered copies for myself, including the two winners of our recent two fanart contests on Mai-Multiverse deviantART. Future contests will have the Blu Ray sets as prizes, so find us on deviantART! I will be doing renovation work on our group sometime this week to set up the next contest!


Special thanks to FUNimation for FINALLY releasing Mai-HiME/Otome on the ultimate format! :Hug: What are you waiting for?! BRING HOME MAI, ARIKA AND THE REST OF THE GANG TODAY!

- Luu Sky Sapphire

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