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Frequently asked questions concerning ShizNat. ^^;

Here you will read common questions/comments I've gotten from others fans of Mai HiME in relates to my favorite gals. Ready?! Set?! *blows raspberry*

Q: How do you feel about the term ShizNat? I think it's f***ing annoying as the couple is overrated!!!*snarl*

A: Bottom line, ShizNat is an established term for the couple. However I do have a tendency to spell out entire names and forget to use something short. XD As for the couple being overrated, that could be true. There are fans who love them just by looking at the surface and not understanding the characters within. This tends to add up and we get casual fans. But there are dedicated fans to ShizNat who generally love the characters in every aspect. So much that they'd study long hours to learn the Japanese language and translate tons of doujinshi and novels. Make constant music videos in dedication to them. Or, like me, make a website in their name. ;) Seriously, if you feel they're overrated, please watch the entire series carefully. You'll see that they deserved every ounce of praise they've ever received.

Q: Do you consider ShizNat fanon or canon?

A: Canon. Although some fans might disagree. When you watch any anime series, you're going to develop your own views on the subject, depending on how much you've seen and what you can understand. When one finishes the Mai HiME anime, there's a sense that ShizNat will remain simple friends. If you're not much of a Mai HiME fan, you do have the choice to leave it there. Just remember that there are books and novels (like Natsuki no Prelude) which showcases ShizNat as more than mere friends. So while I feel they're canon as a pairing, they can be whatever you want. Just don't hate them, for they are awesome. ;)

Q: Do you feel the Mai HiME series could of revolved around Natsuki?

A: Oh, absolutely. If focused on Natsuki's past, how she met Shizuru and what's on her mind (an expansion on her Omake for starters) then we would see a more dynamic series. Plus get a bigger understanding of why Natsuki and Shizuru are so right for each other. Still, I'm happy with the way the series turned out. I love Mai and the other HiME. They all have excellent character backgrounds and stories. Several HiME are better than two, although Natsuki and Shizuru shine the brightest. <3

Q: Do you feel Natsuki had the right to feel violated? You know...when she thought Shizuru raped her?

A: Upon overhearing Shizuru's discussion with Haruka and Yukino, of course she did. In the end, Shizuru didn't mean to hurt Natsuki. Before deciding to battle the Obsidian Lord, Shizuru shed honest tears. Apologizing to Natsuki for everything she did. It took a lot of strength for Natsuki to not only forgive Shizuru, but also love her in return.

Q: Come on, who's prettier? Shiz or Nat? :P

A: Shizuru is a gorgeous woman in such a refined way. Yukatas tend to drive me wild XD. But I have to side with Natsuki. Her dark blue hair, her body shape, her eyes (beautiful eyes), and overall style is more for me. 

Q: Why did Duran suddenly grow so big during the fight with Kiyohime?

A: In episode 25 during the fight, Natsuki stated:

"The Child, an abnormal one born from the affection for a loved one. The stronger the affection, the stronger the Child gets."

Q: Were you angry when they gave Shizuru a southern accent in the English dub?

A: At first, I found it pretty funny. I was never angry about it since dubs are notorious for giving southern accents to characters. Specifically, American characters that visit Japan. Shizuru is obviously NOT from Ol' Glory, so I don't see the full logic behind it. Since Shizuru originally spoke in a Kyoto accent, the people behind the dubbing thought it would make sense to give her an accent that seperated her from the rest. I'll always prefer Naomi-san's voice work, but I have to tip my hat to Melanie Ridson's performance. For the most part, she really nailed the essence of Shizuru. Especially in last episodes of HiME. She improved drastically in the Otome dub as well.


A. Ouch. You burned me.

The following is Q&As not from me, but from a Natsuki FAQ sheet I found a while back. It's quite accurate to me, so it deserves a place here:

Credit: Lone_Wolf