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Differences in subtitles and dub changes from Mai HiME

I currently own two different sets of the Mai HiME series. One is two homemade DVDs with the original fansubs. There seems to be no errors and it was identical to the fansubs I downloaded many years ago. The other is the NA DVD releases of Mai HiME by Bandai Entertainment. I started with the first DVD with collector's box and got the rest of the singles individually. I like finding reworded things in all my anime, makes things more interesting. Plus it also answers why people have different opinions on the matter, that includes the relationship between Natsuki and Shizuru. :)

There are plenty of examples I can give, but here's one for now. The difference in subtitles for the battle and THE scene between Natsuki and Shizuru. Remember, DO NOT proceed further if you haven't watched or finished the Mai HiME anime series.

S = Shizuru

N = Natsuki


S: You're as spontaneous as ever.

N: Destroying the headquarters of the First District and defeating the other HiMEs.

I can't allow you to keep doing that anymore.

S: So you won't accept my feelings.



S: I'm sorry, I really had no intention of hurting you.

N: Shizuru!

S: But Natsuki, I do still love you.

So, even if you hate me, I'll make you mine.


N: Then, I'll stop you, with everything I got.


The Child, an abnormal one born from the affection for a loved one.

The stronger the affection, the stronger the Child gets.

S: Do you hate me that much?

I won't let you go anymore.

You're all mine.

N: Shizuru, you were the first one who came to me when I was unable to believe anyone.

But, I can't have the feeling that you wish I did. Even then, I'm happy that you loved me.

I also love you, Shizuru. So...

Duran! Load Silver Cartridge! Fire!

S: I'm fulfilled.

N: The rest is up to you, Mai.


S: You're always showing up out of nowhere.

N: You destroyed the headquarters of District 1...not to mention the HiME.

I'm not letting you continue this!

S: I thought as much. So you're rejecting my love.


I'm sorry.

I never intended to make you suffer.

N: Shizuru!

S: Natsuki...

I can't help it that I love you.

So, even if it means having you curse me...I will make you mine.


N: Then I will do whatever I have to in order to stop you! Even if it costs me my life!


A a strange creature born out of one's love for another.

The strength of that love is the Child's power!

S: Do you hate me that much?

I will never let you go.

You belong to me now.

N: Shizuru...I was someone who never trusted anybody.

But then I came here, and you were the first to embrace me.

But...I wasn't able to reciprocate my feelings in the way that you wanted.

Still...I am flattered that you feel in love with me.

I love you, Shizuru.

That's why...


Load Silver Cartridge!


S: I'm so happy.

N: The rest is up to you, Mai.

I feel more at ease with the original subtitles. Natsuki saying she's "flattered" just doesn't sound/feel right. Stating the word "happy" works better for that scene, considering the tidbit in Shizuru's profile page. ^_-